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Linguistic Skills and IT Expertise

Our main area of interest is data processing subjects. Our translations and localizations play an important part in maintaining the usability of your software products in a German environment. Customers benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in the translation, localization, transcreation and post-editing business as well as our linguistic skills, IT expertise and willingness to explore new technologies and subject matters!

– our Specialization

Team Translation + Localization Services (TT+LS) specializes in the localization of software and its companion products such as user guides, online helps or other documentation. Unlike the simple word-for-word translation from English into German, localization utilizes the adaptation of texts to linguistic and regional pecularities as well as to technical requirements of a target language.

During the localization process, the intention, tone and style of the original text are maintained. We at TT+LS have perfected the art of localization throughout the years.


Team Translation + Localization Services was founded by Gesa Petersen and Thomas Reibeling. With more than 25 years of successful experience as translators and testers in the IT industry, we are the creative and organizational driving forces behind TT+LS.

The keys to our success are in-depth industry and product knowledge, reliability, efficient project management and our passion for language with all its nuances. They are essential core elements of our work. We are familiar with technical terms and know exactly what is takes to maintain the user-friendliness and serviceability of your products for German users. At TT+LS, we work with a team of highly qualified native speakers with proven experience in translating and localizing IT texts. This enables us to guarantee professional excellence and timely completion of your translation projects. Apart from common translation software like SDL Trados, we also use customer-specific programs upon request.

Source Languages

We focus on English texts, which native speakers translate into German. Upon request, we can also offer other language combinations with the help of our international partners.

Expert Knowledge of the IT Industry

Along with linguistic skills, the translation and localization of IT products requires specialist technical proficiency. Our comprehensive experience and knowledge of cloud, network, database and print technologies helps us grasp the special features of different products and convey them clearly to your German-speaking users. Stylistic and terminological consistency focused on user-friendliness as well as quality control are the base of our company philosophy.

Do you have a superb product that you want to place on the German market? Let’s get in touch! With the linguistic skills and technical insight into software as well as the consistent use of style and terminology according to your specifications, TT+LS provides more than a literal translation. Your German-speaking end users will be able to effortlessly navigate the German user interface.